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I provide cognitive, educational and neuropsychological assessments for all ages with a strong focus on Learning Differences. I specialize in thorough, in-depth assessments with comprehensive feedback and integrative solutions. This specialization means that all of my energy goes towards developing and refining my assessment and diagnostic skills. I am the only person you work with from start to finish, which includes performing all interviews, testing, scoring, writing reports, and overall administration. I do not hire subcontractors, masters-level practitioners, or trainees for any of these activities. I do not use ChatGPT or AI programs to write reports or develop treatment recommendations. As a specialist, I feel this consistency and personal attention is crucial to gaining the best understanding each clients’ unique situation, reaching an accurate diagnosis, and developing the most appropriate interventions and recommendations. I strive to ensure that my clients understand the process and are comfortable throughout.

An hour-long intake interview is the first step in any assessment process. After our initial phone call to schedule your intake, I will email you paperwork to fill out prior to the appointment. The intake session typically involves a review of personal and family history, a discussion about any current challenges, your concerns and goals for the assessment, and addressing client questions. At the end of the session, I provide recommendations regarding the type of assessment to best meet your needs.


This is the assessment package, for both children and adults, that the majority of clients request as it is the most comprehensive and informative. This evaluation requires 6-8 hours of testing (split across different appointments) and is used to fully diagnosis ADHD/ADD and/or Learning Disabilities such as reading disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia, processing speed disorders, fluency disorders, math disorders and others. This evaluation includes a full-length written report with scores, diagnoses and recommendations as well as a one-hour feedback session.


This is 1 – 1.5 hours of testing and 30 minutes of feedback, which includes a feedback response sheet with scores, description of strengths/weaknesses and diagnosis. This consise testing is only appropriate for adults, with simple, uncomplicated symptoms.


This is similar to the concise ADHD testing, but with a more in-depth and examination of ADHD. It also includes psychological and emotional testing. This is a good fit for clients with concerns about ADHD who also have some symptoms of depression and/or anxiety that are complicating the diagnostic picture. This is 2.5 - 3.5 hours of testing and includes a written summary and feedback session.


Assessments for IQ only testing are available. Additional specific testing may also be administered on a case-by-case basis to supplement prior testing or update scores. Please email with any specific requests or inquires.


This is for adults who are not currently in school and do not need documentation of a learning difference for their university. It is a briefer version of the complex neuropsychological testing. This is typically 3-4 hours of testing and includes a written report and feedback session.




I offer consultation for families at all stages of the assessment process. Those who have concerns about a child but aren’t sure if assessment is a good next step. Those who are considering assessment but are unsure how to proceed or have questions about the process. Those have had assessment work completed elsewhere and have questions about the scores, the diagnosis or the recommendations. Or families who have had prior assessment and simply need further guidance at this point. The consultation process begins with the parents/guardians completing a questionnaire about their prior assessment experiences and their objectives for the consultation. This information, along with any available copies of testing results, data and/or reports are submitted to me. Then consultation can be provided in several ways, depending on the client’s specific needs. Some clients prefer to work together by email while others prefer a series of phone calls or video conference sessions.

I provide consultation to assessment professionals nationwide. Typically, the process begins with completing a brief questionnaire regarding what you would like to get out of the consultations. Common reasons for seeking consultation include: help with data interpretation, guidance in report writing, how to explain results to clients, and help developing recommendations. More involved consultation on broad topics such as setting up an assessment practice, developing a report template or how to work with challenging children can also be addressed through an ongoing consultation relationship. Consultation can be provided in several ways, depending on your needs. Some clients prefer to work together through emails while others prefer a phone or video conference session. I develop a unique plan for each client, as no set of consultation needs are ever the same.




I specialize in teaching mediation to other mental health practitioners, or more broadly, “helpers”. If you are in a helping profession, you know how important it is for you to be grounded, centered, and calm as a way to offer your clients compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

I provide individual meditation instruction sessions for both new and experienced meditators. All sessions will be tailored to meet your individual needs. Sessions for new meditators typically include detailed instructions on how to meditate, guidance on setting up a meditation practice and how to stick with it. Sessions for those who have meditated before or have their own ongoing meditation practice often include: a review of how you feel your practice is going, any places you feel stuck, any obstacles you are encountering, a review of meditation techniques and instruction, time spent together in a short meditation and time to explore your questions about meditation.

Group classes and group drop-in sessions are coming soon!!





My goal is always to provide the highest level of service free from the restrictions imposed by managed care and insurance. I have found that the only way I can do this is to not accept or contract with insurance. Therefore, my services are all private pay.

There are several reasons why I choose not to accept insurance. Reimbursement through insurance companies is too low to allow me to maintain my high standards of time and service that I feel each client deserves. Being private pay also means that I make all the decisions about how much and what type of assessment work is needed and I am not beholden to the rules of insurance companies, which typically limit the amount of testing and dictate which tests to give. Additionally, in order to process claims, insurance companies require disclosure of some of your private health details, including diagnosis. Since I do not take insurance, your confidential information is never shared with a third-party insurance company. If you wish, I will provide invoices with all the information needed for you to file your own insurance reimbursement claim. Also, you may use HSA or FSA funds to pay for the assessment.


All testing must start with a one-hour intake appointment. The cost for this first appointment is $350, and payment via credit card is required prior to scheduling. There is never an obligation to proceed with testing after the intake, which is why this appointment is priced separately from any testing. You are welcome to email to inquire about general price ranges for different types of testing. Pricing for testing varies considerably and depends on how in-depth we need to go. Prior to testing, I will talk with you about the price(s) of the service(s) needed so that you have an understanding what to expect upfront.

Consultation services for families and professionals start with a one-hour initial consultation for $350. If you need documents reviewed prior to our first session, such as a testing report, then the charge is $450. Prepayment of the first session is required prior to scheduling. After the initial session, a credit card can be kept on file to bill future charges if you wish to engage in an ongoing consultation relationship. In order to be flexible and meet differing individual needs, ongoing consultation services are billed in 15-minute increment (30-minute minimum) at the rate of $300 per hour.  Insurance does not reimburse for consultation.

Meditation instruction sessions are priced individually (50-minute session for $275). Introductory 4-week starter packages, which include one weekly session for 4 weeks, are also available for $850. Group classes vary in price based on time commitment.

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